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Heather has been teaching for over 20 years. She has taught in post secondary colleges and universities, delivered workshops for high school and elementary school students, and worked with community groups of all ages and interests. In every environment she considers her role as teacher to be a collaborator in the learning environment, working with students through a process of inquiry and discovery. She is very experienced in curriculum development and consultation.

'For me, the word 'fun' is incredibly important when it comes to working in theatre and with students. I use it as high praise and Heather embodies the qualities of joy, celebration and passion that this word defines.'


Karin Randoja, Theatre Artist, director and playwright. 

Toronto, Ontario


Heather has developed many workshops both in theatre and in visual arts.  Please click on the buttons below for more information on these workshops.

'It seems to me that outstanding academic leaders share the following set of characteristics: they have an incredible commitment; they are active in their profession; they interact well with students, faculty, administrators, advisory committee members, employers, parents and others; they manage a heavy workload that involves dealing with both “big picture” issues and highly detailed tasks.  They are exceptional problem solvers.  Most of all, they really care.  I have seen Heather demonstrate all of these  qualities with confidence and grace.'

    Lisa Sutcliffe, Office of the Vice President, Academic

    Sheridan College, Ontario

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