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Creative Practices

All artists need to care for their creative practice like we care for our health. 

Heather’s understanding of the creative process and her experience with collaborative work has provided her much insight to create workshops in this field  that are hands-on and applied. In these workshops, you will learn many specific tools that you can continue to use in your day to day artistic practice. 

Nurturing the creative spark 

  • understand and harness your personal creative process

  • find inspiration in your day to day activities

  • develop your powers of observation, reflection and curiosity

  • develop a creative practice that is sustainable and balanced.

Working Collaboratively

  • roles within the collaborative creative process

  • successful contracts that support collaborative work

  • negotiating through a collaborative creative process from idea to realization.

"These sessions have proven to be unlike any ‘art instruction’ I’ve had before in that they explore ‘the thinking behind the art’ as well as providing the practical exercises (which serve to reinforce the theoretical discussions). Highly recommended for anyone who wants to be ‘The Complete Artist’"


Peter (workshop participant, Chemainus Art Group)

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