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Theatre Production

Heather has taught many areas of theatre production and has designed a number of workshops that can be catered to meet the needs and interests of your group. Here are a few examples:


Scenic Paint 

  • starting with the basic techniques of washes, wet blends, dry brushes, spatters and scumbles, highlights and shadows to create scenic elements such as wood grains, bricks and stone, marble and granite etc. 

  • how to use colour theory in scenic paint to work with theatrical lighting

  • texture techniques and painting 3-D objects


Set Design

  • an overview of the design process

  • successful communication methods between designer and director and designer and production team

  • how to design dynamic scenery that supports the narrative

  • designing for devised and collective creations.

  • material selection in scenic design

Prop Building

  • an overview of the properties department and the processes of building, budgeting and buying.

  • upholstery techniques

  • casts and moulds

  • carving techniques 

  • faux finishes and textures 


'As a teacher, Heather has the ability to bring together artistic and educational elements and create an integrated experience for her students. She can articulate technical information and present concrete skills with a clear sense of how they fulfill creative ideas.'


Pam Johnson

Professor, Theatre Performance, Humber College

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