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Puppetry Workshops

Puppetry arts is a diverse and dynamic art form that appeals to all ages and interests. It can be a vehicle to explore storytelling, animation, sculptural objects, performance techniques and theatrical practices.  It is best studied and practiced collaboratively. 

Heather has been teaching puppetry for many years and has designed several workshops, most notably the successful Puppetry Intensive at Humber College from 2013 to 2016. 


Here a just a few ideas that can be incorporated into a workshop, depending on the ability and interest of your group.


  • building paper prototypes for puppetry

  • building a neutral puppet

  • the basics of puppet manipulation

  • puppets made from foam

  • basic joints and mechanisms

  • building large parade puppets

  • successful design in puppetry

  • the process of developing a complete puppetry performance.

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